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Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer
Professional Care Trainers

Fully Regulated Care Training

Regulated trainers’ course is by Ofqual Level 3 Award in Education and training and all Other Training is by leading organisation PTDQ. 

Over 30 Regulated Care Training Courses

Qualifications and courses relevant to Care industry to support staff professional development and due-diligence.    

Experts Mentors, here for you to Succeed all the Way

Qualified experienced industry experts including mentors, teachers, and quality assures. We want you to succeed and be the best.   

Let your Staff and Business Prosper

Unlike other train the trainer programme. its designed to be great value and improve your business and customers experiences.

Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

PTDQ Professional Care Training Programme 

PTDQ offer a different Care Train the trainer to others on the market. Our Professional Trainers Course is, professional incorporating the Ofqual Level 3 Teaching qualification, a minimum requirement for adult education. Our  programme has endless opportunities including over 30 Care qualifications courses you can deliver. Click below to read more.

Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

PTDQ Care Qualifications & Care Training Courses   

PTDQ has a range of Care Industry Related qualifications, course and CPD to help you develop your staff and improve the business and service user’s experiences. Opportunities are from the Care Certificate, mandatory Training, supplementary training and workplace training qualifications, over 30 opportunities to choose. Click the link to see more.

Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

PTDQ Professional Care Trainers Licence  

PTDQ Professional care Trainers Licences demonstrate the exceptional quality and standards you have achieved.    PTDQ Licensed Professional Care Trainers will receive exceptional mentor, throughout to make sure you are succeeding and developing into a leading industry professional trainer.  Click on the link below to read more.

Our Next Professional Care  Courses:

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Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

PTDQ Professional Health & Care Trainers Course:

Chelmsford, Essex 

13, 14, 15, 18, 19 March 24 

Offer price Only £799.00 per person 


Professional Care Trainer, care train teh trainer course

PTDQ Professional Care Trainers Course for RPL Holders :

Chelmsford, Essex 

15, 18, 19 March 24

Offer price only £599.00 per person 


Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

PTDQ Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) Course:

Chelmsford, Essex 

1 May 24  

Offer price only £199.00 per person 


Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

Choose Professional Care Trainer, with Confidencee

A trusted business, with a wealth of expertise and experience that is dedicated to excellent customer services, quality of product for over 30 years. To read more about PCT UK, please click on the link below.

professional Care Trainers, Care Train the Trainer

Exceptional Customer Services & Support 

We are proud of our reputation for excellence, quality, and leading service with our customers. Our reputation amongst our industry peers is highly respected, our peers on many occasions have tried to imitate our exceptional quality, but not succeed. Based on over 5000 customer feedback forms, we are rated excellent by 96%.  

Professional care Training, Care Training

Regulated by PTDQ, Leading Awarding Organisation  

One of the main reasons we are industry leaders, is the collaboration with Professional Training and Development Qualifications (PTDQ). PTDQ are a leading regulator and awarding organisation of independent qualifications that set out to develop their centre into industry leaders of quality. PTDQ have a strict entry criterion and we have had to go through many stages t be given our accredited centre status.  Click on the link below to visit their website and become an outstanding centre like our group today.  

Some LInks

UK First Aid and Safety Training has been established since 1990 and was established by Paul R Salmon.

We are accredited by PTDQ  and other awarding bodies. The following links to quality websites.


Skills for Care

Food Gov







Professional Care Trainer (UK)

Established in 1990 to provide exceptional value and quality to the Care industry for staff training and development, having a massive positive impact on your business and service users experience.    


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Opening Times – 7 Days a Week (Most  Holidays)

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PCT UK are proud to be part of the UK First Aid and Safety Training Group.


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