PTDQ Professional Care Trainers Licence

PTDQ Professional care Trainers Licences demonstrate the exceptional quality and standards you have achieved.    PTDQ Licensed Professional Care Trainers will receive exceptional mentor, throughout to make sure you are succeeding and developing into a leading industry professional trainer.  

To Gain PTDQ Professional care Trainers Status you will need to attend one of our Professional care Trainers Courses, if new to training the 4-to-5-day course or if you hold a recognised teaching qualification you can attend 2 to 3 days.

Have the prestige status of PTDQ Professional Care Trainer accredited licenced is a benchmark of true quality a crossed the Care industry and respected by al reputable Care businesses.

Contact  us today to make the next step, becoming a Professional Care Trainer.

Fees for Trainers Licence Per Year is Free

PTDQ Professional Health & Social Care Trainers Licence is Free, providing you are meeting PTDQ requiremnst in quality.  A fee will apply for those not meeting PTDQ quality standards. 

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