Professional Trainers Certificate 

PTDQ offer a different Care Train the trainer to others on the market. Our Professional Trainers Course is exactly what it states, professional Care Trainers Courser, incorporating the Ofqual Level 3 Teaching qualification, a minimum requirement for adult education training.

The course is delivered by a MSET Teaching expert with experience in Care and over 30 years teaching experience. Our Professional Care Trainers Certificate, Train the Trainer Care is great value for anyone wishing to develop into a Professional care training and cares about the Care organisation they work for. Our Care Trainers Programme has endless opportunities including over 30 Care qualifications courses you can deliver.

Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer
Welcome to PTDQ Professional Care Trainers Certificate

This programme has been designed to train Care Staff to be able to deliver their own mandatory Care training at high standards and in the same process take control of their training, reducing the costs, in some case by over 50%.

Our Care Trainer Programme incorporates Ofqual Level 3 Award in Education and Training and is fully regulated by an independent awarding body, Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ).  PTDQ is renowned for being one of the leading Care Trainer programmes in the UK and beyond. 

You will get full training, allocated a mentor so you can succeed at every step, as well as use of our resources and support materials. This programme is amazing value and of leading quality.

Who’s should attend:

The great thing about this programme it is designed for all levels within the Care Sector. We are passionate about giving the Care industry more control of higher quality mandatory training and giving them great savings and discounts on their yearly training budget, so they can spend it in over desperately needed areas.  

Anyone who works in the care industry

Anyone who works in the care industry and is seeking fully recognised (Ofqual) qualification in teaching to further their professional development and career.  Any Care staff trainers that are looking for fully regulated qualification that meet Skills for Care guidelines.

Care Management:

Any Care management that wants to take control of their own training and know the trainer is fully qualified and competent and will meet their due diligence in the event of incident or investigation.

Our professional Trainers programme full 5 days Breakdown

Day One and Day 2 – Ofqual Level 3 Award in Education & Training


Needs to be attend by all new learners, those that have been granted a PTDQ exemption as they hold Level 3 Award in education and training will not need to attend.


Introduction from course staff, learners, and professional care trainer’s programme. Course staff will provide course resources the learners will need to complete the programme. A personal mentor will be allocated, so you have support from the start of the programme and throughout.


Unit 1 – Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

Understand the roles of a teacher this will include legal requirements when delivering PTDQ Care Qualifications, promoting equality & diversity, as well as meeting learner’s individual needs of learners during teaching of PTDQ Care qualifications.

During this unit we will look at the important aspect of safe teaching and learning and ways we can make sure learners and staff remain safe throughout, this will include behavior of the PTDQ Professional trainer and ways of promoting exceptional behavior to learners completing PTDQ qualifications.

The unit will conclude with look at professional relationships with other PTDQ staff and external staff, making referrals to support learners and teaching environment as well as suitable points of referral for learners.


Unit 2 – Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training.

During this unit we will be looking at how you can promote inclusive teach and involve all group members in the session, this will include looking at resources, equipment, and methods available to successfully deliver PTDQ Care qualifications.

This unit will enforce the importance of learner behavior and teaching safety through out PTDQ Care qualifications. This unit will take you through functional skills and how we can embed them into PTDQ qualifications.

As well this unit will learn you how to complete session plans and schemes of work to be able to run PTDQ qualifications.

Communication is a vital key for success, so we will learn you how to communicate efficiently during PTDQ qualifications as well as giving appropriate feedback, producing self-evaluation of teaching and completing peer feedback.


Unit 3 – Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

This unit is the assessor’s theory unit and has been selected a sits the first unit of the assessor’s suite of qualifications, so if you are looking to assess Care vocational courses you will have completed one of the 2 units required, with PTDQ RPL programme we can support you in achieving the 2nd unit to become a Care vocational assessor,

The unit will look at the role of the assessor and the functioning of assessment that include the key principles, requirements off assessing including legal areas to consider.

We will cover different types of planning, assessment methods and ways we can assess both vocational and occupational. Safety is very important during assessing so we will look at safety risks and other risks associated with assessments. We will look at ways we can judge evidence and criteria that evidence needs to meet.

This unit will help to support the assessor with how they can improve their assessment this may include use of technology, peer assessment, CPD and self-evaluation.


Completing Course Work Assignments and Assessments

Last day is day five for all work to be completed. During both days you will be give opportunity to complete your assignments, session planning and practice delivery for your micro teaching assessment. Learners will need to be advised they need to complete some of this work in their own time, we have allocated a weekend in between to give the learner further opportunity to do so.  For those of you who do not wish to attend Day 4 (first aid and manual handling) then you have opportunity to work on your course work then as well.



Day 3 – PTDQ Professional Trainers Certificate


Attended by all – new learners and those granted exemption for day one and day two of the professional trainer’s programme.


This unit will cover delivering all PTDQ care courses. During this unit will look at all the syllabuses and course requirements. We will look at PTDQ operational manuals and procedures.

This unit will take all learners through the procedure to complete the PTDQ Professional Trainers application and will give you time to complete it.

We will confirm PTDQ fees and special discounted package prices available.

On completion of the certificate the learner will complete a short assessment, to make sure they have understood the days content.

We have allocated some time at the end for you to complete your day one and two course work and for RPL learners to plan their teaching session for day 5.


Day 4 – Emergency First Aid and Manual Handling of People


This course will be optional to complete however you will need this as a minimum for the PTDQ Care first aid the emergency first aid at work. Those wishing to teach the emergency first aid at work or first aid at work will need the first aid at work certificate. The emergency first aid at work will teach you the basic first aid skills you will need to teach the PTDQ Care First Aid (2 to 3 hours).

Manual handling of people trainer is required to be able to deliver manual handling of people. Additional course work may be set by the tutor to complete in your own time.


Day 5 – Assessment Day


This day is when all course work should be submitted to your course tutor, extensions may be granted but may occur a making fee. We will allocate you about 3 hours to complete any outstanding work. This will give you an excellent opportunity to have 1 to 1 time with your tutor or mentor to help you succeed.

The 2nd part of the day is allocated to the practical assessment of the micro teaching.

What Can a Qualified PTDQ Care Trainer Deliver ?

The PTDQ Care Trainer can deliver any of the following 30 course, some you may need to meet an additional pre-request for us to meet legal or recommendations.

Mandatory Care Training

  • PTDQ Annual Update – Mandatory Training for Care Staff (6 Hours)
  • PTDQ 3 Yearly Update – Mandatory Training for Care Staff (10 Hours)
  • PTDQ The Care Certificate

PTDQ Optional Care Training (2 to 3 Hours)

  • PTDQ Basic Life Support & First Aid for Care Homes (must hold PTDQ recognised EFAW certificate)
  • PTDQ Health & Safety for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Manual Handling of Loads & People for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Food Safety for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Fire Safety for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Fire Marshal for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Customer Services in Care
  • PTDQ Safeguarding for Care Homes
  • PTDQ Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • PTDQ Fluids and nutrition
  • PTDQ Equality and diversity
  • PTDQ Infection prevention and control
  • PTDQ Work in a person-centre way
  • PTDQ End of Life
  • PTDQ The Principles of Care – Understand your role, Communication, Your personal development, Duty of care.
  • PTDQ Handling information, Privacy and Dignity.
  • Handling of People (Must attend an additional module to deliver)

Please go to our Care Courses Page for full list of qualifications and courses. Click here

I hold a Teaching Qualification, Do I Need to Attend all The course

No – RPL is available, please contact out customer services team for more details. 

You will need to attend the final 2 days:

Day 3 and Day 4 (AM)

Care Trainer Module:  Our industry experts will take you through the requirements for delivering Care Training including Mandatory Care Training, including the Care Certificate and Optional Care Training.  We will take you through all the resources, administration, and requirements. On completion of the module, you will be more than competent to deliver Care Training.

Day 4 Assessments (Afternoon): 

Our Expert assessors will put you at ease and guide you through the assessment and assist you in being certificated as competent trainer. We will allocate some time for 1 to 1 with your trainer, assessor, or mentor to help you succeed.

On completion of the Professional care Trainer Certificate, you will be able to deliver with confidence at a high standard all your companies Mandatory and optional Care Training. PTDQ will allocate you for free of charge a mentor for you to speak, email, message for help and support, once you have passed, we will not leave you, unlike most others.

More Information about our Chelmsford Venue

Location: Our Chelmsford, Essex centre is set in the perfect area of the City of Chelmsford. The centre is located on a business park with plenty of free parking and easy to access from M11, M25, A12, A120.

Nearest Train Station: The centre is about a 10-minute walk (500 meters approx.) from the Chelmsford mainline station serving London to Norwich frequently.

Buses: Buses stop approx. 100 meters from the centre. Chelmsford bus station is only a 10-minute walk away.

Hotels & Accommodation: With in 5 to 10 minutes walks there is several hotels and Bed and Breakfasts is you would prefer to stay overnight.

Food & Drink: The centre offers complimentary food and drinks during the course and is fully catered for dietary needs. Centre have a designated area for learners to relax during breaks.

Accessible Needs: Disabled toilets and easy access available to this centre. Please advise us if you have any other requests to make your visit more enjoyable.

Centre Technology: The centre has modern technology throughout, latest televisions for training use a latest equipment throughout. Learners will receive free Wi- if needed.

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Professional Care Trainers, Care train the trainer

Our Next Professional Care Trainers Course: 

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13, 14, 15, 18, 19 March 24 


Our Next Professional Care Trainers Course (For holders of Qualified Trainers) :

Chelmsford, Essex 

16, 19, 20 Feb 24